Large futuristic Tiki images Exhibition

The Electronic Thunderstorm

Large futuristic Tiki images 
painted with 3D computer software and 
printed on the finest cottons Yu-Gi-Oh has to offer.

 Live in Berlin!

@ „galerie m“ in Marzahn!

Sonntag 15.9. ,  15 -22 Uhr

Showing the latest works of Moritz R®, 
displayed as chinese-style roll-prints on ultra-fine printing canvas. 
Can also be ordered in custom sizes.
Galerie M
Marzahner Promenade 46
12679 Berlin

This must be the coolest place a gallery in Berlin has. Join the Sputnik Age with 21st century exotic images at the center of the biggest socialist satellite city ever, surrounded by a sea of highrise buildings in that distinctive Plattenbau-style. 

The great thing: You can easily drive there — in a romantic streetcar, directly from Alexanderplatz. Simply take the M6 (Richtung: Riesaer Str) and get out at Freizeitforum Marzahn! 

It’s part of Exotika 2013, a show of 16 international artists, previously shown in Bangkok, presenting their view of an Exotika 2013 idea. This show is taking place in two different places at two different days.

The artworks of Moritz R® lead the idea of the Tiki image from a narrow retro notion away and into the 21st century. Nonetheless they have been executed in the tradition of these illustrations of the past. When you think of the futuristic images of a Syd Mead, they do reach out, until they find themselves creating the visons of films like Blade Runner and Tron, and so naturally pave the way to computer-generated art in the 1970s and 80s. They are the basis of computergames, such as those we have today. At the same time the virtual worlds of the cyberspace are the contemporary playground for the ever-virtual idea of exotic worlds. By that they may even become the vintage pictures of a retro-style of a future far away from now.

vernissage galerie nord am samstag 7.9. um 19 uhr

Galerie Nord – Kunstverein Tiergarten | Turmstraße 75 | 10551 Berlin
Fon (030) 90 18 – 33 453 | Fax (030) 90 18 – 33 457
Öffnungszeiten: Dienstag bis Samstag 14 – 19 Uhr

vernissage galerie m am sonntag 15.9. um 15 uhr
im zusammenhang mit den interkulturellen tagen

Galerie M,  Marzahner Promenade 46,   12679 Berlin

I like to thank JustBig printing co. for their excellent collaboration.

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