Anniversary tiki mugs arrived!

Following an intense production phase, Moritz R®, Sven „Tiki“ Kirsten and Tiki Farm proudly present:

The 10th anniversary „The Book Of Tiki“ mug, designed by Moritz R® closely relating to his cover illustration for „The Book Of Tiki“, now the standard work of the tiki community, often referred to as the „Tiki bible“. The mug is executed in translucent umbra, displaying the fine details and elegant curvy slim line that distinguishes this mug from all others.

The Tiki is shown as standing on a little rock post and seems to be made of stone with little cracks and chinks, a rarity among tiki mugs. Delicate roots are just beginning to over-grow the statue at the bottom, as if found standing somewhere in the jungle. The inside is executed in captivating lilac to match the purple hibiscus blossom, that is supposed to decorate the mug on top of a special recipe for an aphrodisiatic cocktail created by nobody less than Jeff „Beachbum“ Berry. Recipe is added to every mug on a little info card.

The artist is currently working on a special edition of the „Book Of Tiki“ mug in unique extra colors, each only available once. Check in later for further information!

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