Pop Katalog Vol.1 – only 100 left! Order now!

The book that made the day for Dr. Albert Hofmann, inventor of LSD-25, the comprehensive documentation of the works of Moritz R® including hundreds of color photos and descriptions, plus theoretical essays by the artist himself about the nature of art in general and his own work in particular.

Now only 100 copies of this hardcover coffeetable book of „Postpsychedelic Art“ are available and it will not be reprinted! So order now or you may regret it later. Don’t say we didn’t warn you, when your children will ask you one day: „Why did you not buy the Popkatalog Vol.1, when it was ONLY 15.- EUR (overseas US$ 20.- plus postage)?“

Ordering is easy: Just send an email and recieve further instructions!

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